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Growing Apart: Letting Go of Our Young Adults

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When is the Right Time to Evict?

Find tips and advice in our helpful article.

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Can a Parent Be Too Close to their Young Adult?

There's no simple answer. Read what Dr. Jack has to say.

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What to do When Your Young Adult wants to Move Back Home?

This is a delicate situation that needs to be handled carefully.

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Summer Book Special

Parents Letting Go: Effectively Launching Your Millennial

How can we as parents manage the process of letting go in love so that our young adult has the best chance to move toward healthy emotional and behavioral independence?

Dr. Jack Stoltzfus – America’s Launch Coach

Parents Letting Go provides counseling and resources for parents of adult children. Dr. Jack Stoltzfus – America’s Launch Coach – has a mission to provide help to parents of young adults in the process of letting go and launching their young adult children. Managing this push and pull process by both parents and young adults has become more complicated and challenging.

Both parties are taking longer to say goodbye. Parents and their young adult children are closer these days than past generations. But this often strains the letting go process. According to an article in Psychology Today, more than half of children ages 18-24 live with their parents. Living at home is now the number one living arrangement for young adults between the ages of 18-34 (US Census Bureau).

Counseling and educational resources for parents of adult children can be difficult to find. Parents Letting Go is a growing resource for all the issues parents face with adult children. Whether it’s a failure to launch, communication gaps, or information on how to handle disagreements, Parents Letting Go has it covered.

Dr. Jack Stoltzfus
Dr. Jack Stoltzfus

Dr. Jack in the News

Dr. Jack makes frequent appearances in news media. Click on the logo below to read a Star Tribune featured article Adult children still living at home? How families can address ‘failure to launch’ by Dr. Stoltzfus. You can find more of Dr. Jack’s media appearances by clicking on the “In the News” button below.

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Dr. Jack Stoltzfus
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Willy VelardeWilly Velarde
15:21 03 Aug 22
Dr. Jack is a great psychologist and counselor, his advice is very wise, sound and timely. We have been working with him for a year and enjoy his savvy advice and down to earth approach to solve issues. I would highly recommend Dr. Jack to any parent of young adults or young adults themselves seeking for guidance and advice.
Mary Ellen RantanenMary Ellen Rantanen
04:16 22 Jun 22
I have seen Dr. Jack during multiple difficult periods of my life over the past 20 years. I’ve also referred friends and family to him and we all agree that he is an outstanding therapist. He is knowledgeable, empathetic, wise, kind, and willing to say what we need to hear. He has played an important role in my growth and well-being; my mental health, my relationships, and my parenting have all been recipients of Dr. Jack’s positive influence. Highly recommend!
Ann PAnn P
23:59 08 Jun 22
When I met Jack it was on the heels of a very negative and damaging experience with a female psychologist. I was very leery and absolutely not about to trust anyone. In my work with Jack I have found him to be very principled, honest and willing to work however hard I was willing to work. He would encourage me when I was frustrated and troubled. At times, when I was finally able to laugh at myself some, he would sometimes laugh with me. Jack has been the most one of the most, if not the most, influence in my life. I would highly recommend him to anyone. More importantly, I would trust him to care for my family and loved ones.
Jeff MichaelsonJeff Michaelson
22:58 08 Jun 22
We have been working with Dr. Jack for nearly one year and are very appreciative of his efforts. He has taken a great personal interest in our family and has been committed to helping us through this unknown journey of life. Dr. Jack has a so much experience with teenagers and adult children, and their parents. He has been able to give us more structure and consistency while helping our children to feel more autonomous while taking more responsibility for the future. At the same time, Dr. Jack has also helped me to be more compassionate and accepting. I highly recommend him to any family trying to launch.
Andrea L OienAndrea L Oien
02:53 08 Jun 22
Jack really helped my son and I agree on a path forward. My son benefited from the introspection and the realism of Jack's therapy and coaching. He found a new job while they were working together. Jack also referred a sleep psychologist who top notch, like Jack. I regularly recommend Jack ti parents struggling with concerns about their adult children.

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